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Some Services We Offer

We offer many types of PI / Survailience services.

Court Hearings

Every hearing relies on compelling evidence and professional witnesses. We can make the process smoother for you.

Identity Theft

There are at least 15 million identity theft incidences in America alone resulting in losses of approximately 50 billion dollars every year.

Business Background

Every business has a past. Granted, most businesses are very good at proclaiming their good past on the rooftops while stealthily burying the skeletons.

About Us

NJ Investigations have been in business for many years.


We provide top notch private investigators in New Jersey that are unmatched in the industry.


We make sure that the communication between you and your investigator is the best it can be and on a consistent basis.


We make sure that the investigation is pushed through to the very end and completed. We finish what we start.

Latest Updates

There Are Many Advantages

There is many advantages that you can get, but first let’s go to the definition of Private Investigator – What is Private Investigator? Private Investigator is a freelance detective who carries out investigations in behalf of private clients. Private Investigators must have a clear or keen eye, excellent observations skills, and an meticulous mind....

Private Investigator

Building trust and showing your experiences are key elements used by the topĀ investigation companies to find more solutions.You need to find a way to stand out from the competition, such as by becoming an expert of specific investigation techniques or use a more important edge-tool to your target market. The Private Investigators Company will...

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